Employee Cancellations

Dropping a Confirmed Shift

To drop any shift that has been added to your schedule, you must call and speak to a manager. Text messages and emails are not sufficient communication. Dropping any shift will result in a strike against your account, so you must not accept shifts unless you are sure you can work them.

Kwikly has a three-strike policy. Receiving three strikes in a ten-shift period means that your account may be suspended, or you may be terminated.

One Strike Offenses

  • Late Drops: Dropping ANY scheduled shift, regardless of the amount of notice
  • Late Arrivals: Punching in at a shift after its scheduled start time
  • Sent Home (Disciplinary) Sent home by a client for failure to meet job requirements (e.g., wearing unprofessional attire, failure to meet shift specifications, etc.)
  • No return: An office requests that you no longer return to their office because they were not satisfied with your performance
  • Bad review: Receiving a 1 or 2-star review by an office

Three Strike Offenses

  • No Call No Show: Failure to report to a shift that is claimed in your app; failure to properly drop a shift before it is scheduled to start
  • Shift Abandonment: Leaving a shift without notice before you are scheduled to leave