Abbie Bokinskie - RDH Feature

Hygienist Highlight: Abbie Bokinskie

In honor of Dental Hygiene week, we recently had the privilege of speaking with Kwikly professional, Abbie, about her professional journey in dental hygiene and her dedication and passion for her patients. Here is a look into her unique story:

How long have you been a hygienist and what drew you to the profession?
I have been practicing for about 3 1/2 years. What initially drew me to the profession was knowing that I wanted to do something in the healthcare field and I loved going to the dentist as a kid! I always had such a positive and comforting experience with every appointment and I wanted to pass this along to my patients. Oral hygiene was also important to me growing up which led me to become intrigued about overall oral health.

What is your favorite aspect about your job as a dental professional?
My favorite aspect of my job is the array of people I get to interact with. This includes both patients and other dental professionals. With every patient having different backgrounds and ways of life, I learn so much when I talk to them during their hygiene appointment. The same goes for other dental professionals. One of my favorite parts about temping specifically is that it diversifies the individuals that I get to work with, compared to seeing the same people or going to the same place every day. Everyone is great wherever I go!

Tell us about your personal interests or hobbies outside of work!
My fiancé and I love to travel, spend time with family/friends and watch Minnesota sports. SKOL! Skiing, golfing and pickleball are a few other things we enjoy doing together. We are excited for our next trip which is to Turks & Caicos for our birthdays! Fun fact: my birthday is May 3rd and my fiancé’s is May 4th.

What is something you wished people understood about hygiene or dentistry?
Something I wished people understood about hygiene is how important preventative measures are! I promise there is a reason for us telling you to floss. 😉 Brushing and flossing is such a small but important routine that should be done daily. These measures not only help prevent cavities and gum disease, but also systemic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and even Alzheimer’s. When I explain to patients that bacteria in the mouth can travel to the bloodstream and cause further issues in the body, they are surprised!

From childhood fascination to professional fulfillment, it’s clear that Abbie’s journey as a dental hygienist has been rooted in her passion for healthcare and her own dental experiences. This serves as a reminder of the impact that positive early experiences with dental care can have on one’s career path. Her favorite aspect of the job—interacting with a diverse array of individuals—highlights the importance of empathy and connection in the profession. Beyond her professional endeavors, her upcoming birthday trip to Turks and Caicos reveals her love for adventure. May your trip be filled with unforgettable experiences, Abbie!

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