The Best Dental Temp Agency In/Near Edinburg Texas

Kwikly connects dental clinics with qualified dental professionals in or near Edinburg, Texas.

Looking for a temporary dental staffing agency in Edinburg, Texas?

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The Best Dental Temp Agency in or Near Edinburg, Texas

Your dental clinic needs access to the best dental professionals in your area, even on short notice. To operate efficiently and profitably, it’s vital to fill staffing gaps during unexpected shortages and high-demand seasons, like school vacations or holiday seasons. In addition to your core staff, you need the ability to flex up or down to accommodate your fluctuating staffing needs. Traditional dental staffing agencies can’t deliver the consistency, speed, or convenience you want. However, there’s one dental temp agency that can: Kwikly!

Kwikly provides on-demand dental staffing services to busy clinics throughout the USA. Simply create an account on our cloud-based platform at Once approved, you can start posting dental jobs that need to be filled right away. Your shifts will be visible on our app, where local dental professionals can pick them up. Kwikly connects you with dental experts in your area who meet your high expectations. Fill your staffing gaps with professional, friendly, highly skilled dental professionals who are fully prepared for their first day of work. You can leave the paperwork to us – we’ll handle the administrative burden of adding a new temporary staff member. If you decide you want to extend a permanent offer of employment, Kwikly can help facilitate the transition.

When you partner with Kwikly, you’ll save an average of $600 per shift filled, as compared to canceling your appointments. Kwikly is #169 on Inc. Magazine’s annual list of fastest-growing private companies in the United States, and our founders were honored as 2023 Healthcare Heroes by the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal.  When you need to find dental temp services in  Edinburg Texas community, choosing the best dental temp agency makes all the difference. Keep reading to learn how partnering with Kwikly can solve your clinic’s staffing challenges.


Providing Edinburg, Texas Dental Clinics With High-Quality Dental Staffing

Connecting Dental Clinics With The Best Temporary Dental Experts in Edinburg, Texas

Kwikly offers you the personalized, hands-on approach of a traditional dental temp agency, along with the technological power of our cloud-based platform. We focus on making high-quality matches, connecting you with professionals who will deliver a top-notch patient experience. We thoroughly screen each temp dental hygienist and dental assistant who uses our platform.

Our process ensures that your temporary partner will bring the utmost professionalism and the skills you need to the table. Through our continuous evaluation and feedback process, we give you the confidence that each temp who fills your clinic’s positions will be as caring and dedicated as your permanent team members.

Helping Dental Clinics Run More Efficiently Than Ever Before

At Kwikly, we understand that running a dental clinic is a lot of work. Unlike many other dental temp services, we strive to simplify your job by lifting the administrative burden of hiring temporary team members. When you post temporary dental jobs on our platform, you won’t have to worry about tax and labor law compliance. You’ll enjoy freedom from filling out 1099 forms and handling insurance matters. We partner with W-2 employees to eliminate hassles, and we handle payroll taxes for our temporary professionals to keep the process streamlined for them as well.

Achieving operational efficiency is vital to your clinic’s success. Your dentist’s office needs a dental temp agency that reduces wasted time and effort. With Kwikly, you can reduce appointment cancellations and the scheduling challenges they create. You can fill staffing shortages without ever picking up the phone. And you’ll enjoy a seamless onboarding process, thanks to our customer service team, which provides the support you need.


Supporting Temporary Dental Professionals’ Success in Edinburg, Texas

Setting Dental Experts Up For Success

Adding a new temporary partner to your team can be challenging. Kwikly facilitates a smooth transition by providing the support your temporary partner needs to succeed. We will help you field common questions with industry best practices, and we provide temporary dental professionals with everything they need to know before arriving at your clinic. Dental hygienists and dental assistants love our industry-leading app, which helps them find shifts that suit their schedules. They can easily set their work schedule, clock in and out, find pay details, and access chat-based support. We ensure they’re paid regularly and can access their pay soon after they complete their shift.

With Kwikly, it’s easy for temporary professionals to pick up extra hours and take control of their careers. Many of our partners also find that the professional connections and diverse work experience they find at Kwikly are priceless.

Creating Lasting Connections Between Dental Experts And Clinics

Kwikly isn’t just for making short-term connections. At Kwikly, we love to see dental professionals develop lasting relationships with clinics they’ve helped. Our “favorites” feature allows you to directly reach out to professionals you’ve previously enjoyed working with. If you need to hire a permanent staff member now, Kwikly can help make it happen. When you work with a Kwikly professional on a short-term basis, you’ll find that they live out our core values: reliable, resourceful, and responsive. If you’ve been working with a temporary partner for some time and then decide to bring them on board permanently, we’ll help make the process as smooth as possible.



Leveraging Temp Fill and Cutting-Edge Technology For Dental Clinics In Edinburg, Texas

Creating Faster Dental Recruiting In Edinburg, Texas With Our Cloud-Based Platform

When you need an extra hand, you can’t afford to wait around, hoping a traditional dental temp agency will come through. Instead, you need the power of our cutting-edge cloud-based platform. With Kwikly’s lightning-fast dental temp services, you won’t have to worry – even when you get a late-night text from a staff member who’s calling in sick. Simply post a temp fillshift on our platform, and wait for a high-quality professional in Edinburg, Texas to accept it. With over 2,000 vetted professionals in our network, you can access the talent you need on demand. We’ve filled over 20,000 dental shifts across the USA, and we can fill yours too!

Offering Real-Time Support And Connection For Dental Clinics And Professionals In Edinburg, Texas

With Kwikly, you’ll never be left on your own to figure out staffing challenges. Our responsive and friendly support staff will provide timely answers to all your questions. Our platform lets you view a temporary dental professional’s profile and professional background before they start work so you feel prepared and confident when you meet them in person.

Once someone picks up your temp fill shift, we make communication a breeze. You can chat with your scheduled temporary dental professional through our online platform to share helpful details. And when your temporary partner needs support, we’ll be on hand to provide it in real-time.


Looking For A Dentist Temp Agency Near Edinburg, Texas Area?

Filling your dental clinic’s staffing gaps doesn’t have to be frustrating, time-consuming, or risky. With over 2,000 offices in our professional network, Kwikly is at the forefront of a growing community that’s changing the future of dental staffing. Sign up for an account to start connecting with dental professionals in your area on demand. To learn more about Kwikly, schedule a call today with our staffing experts!