What to Know About Temping as a New Hygienist Graduate

After celebrating graduation, employment is right around the corner. As a dental professional, you have many options and questions about your career options. Within the dental field there are many types of offices where one can work. Which can be overwhelming to decide what “type” of work you want. Well luckily, temping is always an option. If new graduates do know about temping here are some reasons why you should consider temping or not. 

Reservations of Temping

New grads may shy away from temping for several reasons. Though these might be reasons but don’t let it scare you away from temping! 

After graduating from hygiene school you need to build yourself confidence chairside! Some new graduates might think they need a consistent environment to build their resume. This could be one reason that one might shy away from temping right out of school. New grads have it instilled in them that they need “experience” to be qualified to temp. Others might think that temping is only used when someone calls in sick and only for immediate reasons. 

A professional might think that temping is for picking up “extra shifts” or shifts on the days you have off. Temping can be used for all different types of schedules and reasons. Graduates might also believe they can not be full time as a temp and that could shy them away from temping. You can temp full-time or part-time that is what is the benefit of temping, you are in control of your own schedule.

What can you gain?

There are many benefits to temping as a new graduate and many things you can gain. Temping is a great way to dive in and use your skills while getting to know all the different types of offices in the dental field. Whether you choose to temp short term or long term you will and gain a lot. 

Some new grad will temp with a short term goal in mind. Temping short term is a great opportunity to go into different offices and pick up on things that you like or dislike about an office. The ability to be flexible and pick up different types of offices like private practice, corporate, smaller or bigger offices and even specialty offices is a bonus. 

Temping long term or more reguarly can allow you more flexibility with your schedule. You can pick and choose how many days you want to work allowing you flexibility. Or even take a vacation or a couple of days off without any hesitation! A lot of times it can also be a learning experience and opportunity for you, as the hygienist. Hygiene is a skill but by going to different offices you are exposed to more softwares, technology and even techniques. It is a great way to keep brooding your skills and experience. It is also a great way to learn new softwares, equipment and protocols. 

Financial Gain

Many times more than not temping can be a financial gain to the professional. Whether you are using temping full-time or part-time. If you are using temping part-time with a full-time  job that is just extra shifts and more income in your pocket.

Knowledge in the Field 

Becoming a temp hygienist there are many gains to learning things within the dental field. As a temp you are going to be exposed to the different types of dental offices and become experienced with different types of tools and softwares. 

By going to a mix of different types of offices will not only expand your knowledge but also demonstrate patient knowledge within the office settings. 

Learning about different types of offices allows you to learn the industry and your office size preference while fostering new office relationships. (dso, small private, larger private, etc) and how they operate so you know what type of office is the best fit for you

Approach to patient care

Teams are different (larger teams at DSO, often more turnover vs smaller team at private office).

Gaining knowledge in the dental field and exposing yourself to different offices is a great way to network within the field. It will also look good on your resume with being experienced among many different offices. 

There are advantages and disadvantages of being a temporary hygienist as a new graduate. One should take into consideration the pros and cons and then decide if it would be a good fit for themselves.