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Complete Guide To Becoming a Dental Assistant From the Best Dental Staffing Agency: Kwikly

There are over 316,000 dental assistants in the USA today. If you’re thinking about entering this exciting industry, you may have some questions in mind, and so, we, the best dental staffing agency in the USA, are here to help. Many prospective dental assistants wonder whether they have the skills it takes to succeed in the field. They often have questions about pay, educational requirements, and growth opportunities. Of course, new dental assistants also need to decide whether they’ll pursue traditional employment or work with a dental staffing agency like Kwikly.

Kwikly: The Future of Dental Assisting with Dental Staffing Agencies

At Kwikly, we believe the future of dental assisting is brighter than ever—and we’re making it even brighter. Kwikly’s cloud-based platform is revolutionizing the world of dental temp jobs. With Kwikly, you can use your mobile device to connect to dental practices in your area that need you to fill staffing gaps. You can pick up shifts in just a few clicks. What’s more, the Kwikly team is available 24/7 to make the whole process seamless for you. 

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If you’re interested in becoming a dental assistant, Kwikly is ready to help you start your journey. This article will answer many of your questions about dental assistant jobs.

What Are My Career Prospects as a Dental Assistant in the United States?

When you begin a new career, it’s important to consider the long-term implications of your decision. We’ve got answers to your questions about salary, employment prospects, and more.

Is Dental Assisting a Growing Career Field?

Good news! Dental assistant careers are on the rise. Between 2022 and 2032, the number of US dental assistants is expected to grow by 7%. A few reasons that explain this trend include:

  • An aging American population
  • Advancements in dental care technology
  • A growing body of research connecting dental care with overall health

When you become a dental assistant, you can be confident your skills will be in demand for years to come!

What Is a Dental Assistant’s Salary in the United States?

The average dental assistant salary in the United States is around $21.56 per hour. However, there are many factors that can impact a specific dental assistant’s salary, such as your location within the United States. Some other factors are experience, and who you work for, such as a dental staffing agency. 

Why a Dental Staffing Agency is Your Best Employment Option Among Travel Dental Assistant Agencies, and Traditional Employment Methods

Whether you opt for traditional employment, a travel dental assistant agency, or a cutting-edge, cloud-based dental staffing agency like Kwikly can also impact your pay rate. Kwikly negotiates competitive pay for the dental temp jobs you find on our platform. With Kwikly, you can expect good pay without having to discuss your rate with an office manager.

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What Are the Benefits of Becoming a Dental Assistant?

Why do so many dental assistants love their jobs? There are many pros to choosing this career path. These are just some of the perks many assistants often mention:

  • The opportunity to help people every day
  • The chance to connect with a wide variety of different people
  • The ability to start your career without extensive education
  • A work environment that’s energetic and fast-paced
  • The opportunity to set your own schedule when you work with a dental staffing agency like Kwikly, completing dental temp jobs

How Can I Prepare To Become a Dental Assistant?

Before launching your career as a dental assistant, you’ll need to have the right education and skill set. Keep reading to learn more about the preliminary steps required.

What Education Is Required To Become a Dental Assistant in the USA?

One of the biggest questions you might have is.. ‘what edication is required to become a dental assitant?’ Well, to become a dental assistant, you’ll need to start bycompleting an educational program accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation. These dental assistant programs are often offered at community colleges and other institutions that specialize in one- or two-year degrees.

If you do choose to pursue a career as a dental assistant, you should also research the specific education required in your area as requirements vary by state. Many opt to earn a dental assistant certificate while others pursue an associate’s degree in the field opening themselves to future career growth. Once you’ve graduated and become certified, you may need licensure as well. After any licensure requirements are met, you’ll be ready to connect with a dental office or dental staffing agency and begin your practice. 

What Are the Skills a Dental Assistant Needs?

Dental assisting requires a unique skill set, including soft skills and technical expertise. Here are a few of the essential skills you will need when you start to pick up dental assistant jobs:

  • The ability to connect with many different kinds of patients on a personal level
  • Strong communication skills
  • Manual dexterity 
  • A strong understanding of dental procedures and protocols
  • Comfort with multitasking in a fast-paced environment
  • A calm demeanor to help patients relax (needed for successful anesthesia administration)

One of the most important skills a dental assistant can have is kindness. Empathizing with the feelings and needs of others is essential to providing an excellent patient experience.

Infographic explaining how to prepare to become a dental assistant, such as education required, and the necessary skills.

How Is Being a Dental Assistant Different From Similar Job Descriptions?

If you are going to work dental assistant jobs, your role will have some similarities with that of a medical assistant and a dental hygienist. However, dental assisting is a unique role that doesn’t precisely align with any other job. Let’s take a look at how it compares with some related careers.

Dental Assistant vs. Dental Hygienist: What’s the Difference?

The roles of dental assistants and dental hygienists differ in key ways. Hygienists receive rigorous training so they can clean teeth and evaluate oral health (though they cannot diagnose conditions). A dental assistant, on the other hand, will likely assist either a dentist or a hygienist while they’re caring for their patients. However, both dental assistants and dental hygienists perform essential functions in the everyday operations of a dental practice.

Infographic comparing the differences between dental assistants and dental hygienists, as well as medical assistants.

Dental Assistant vs. Medical Assistant: What’s the Difference?

Many prospective dental assistants have also considered the field of medical assisting. This role has a lot in common with dental assisting. However, medical assistants work under the direction of a doctor, while dental assistants work under a dentist. There are roughly twice as many medical assistants as dental assistants in the US today.

What Can I Gain From Working With a Dental Staffing Agency as a Dental Assistant?

There are many benefits to choosing Kwikly as your temporary dental staffing agency. A few of these include:

  • Kwikly’s easy-to-use app takes the hassle out of finding your next dental assistant job
  • Kwikly supports dental professionals via chat, email, or phone, so you’re never alone when you begin work at a new office
  • Kwikly offers benefits, including health insurance to full-time professionals
  • Kwikly gives you the flexibility to choose your own schedule for dental temp jobs
  • Kwikly offers competitive pay 
  • As a employee of Kwikly, rather than an independent contractor, you pay less in taxes with less paperwork
  • Kwikly allows you to view details and reviews for new offices before you choose to pick up a dental assistant job there

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The Kwikly app is rated 4.8 stars out of 5 on Google Reviews because dental professionals love the platform. Dental assistants who work with Kwikly get to enjoy a hassle-free, seamless temping experience.

Get Started With the Best Dental Staffing Agency in the United States: Kwikly

Kwikly is committed to helping dental assistants build successful careers. When you work with Kwikly, you’ll gain the opportunity to work with over 3,000 dental offices in our growing network. Sign up for Kwikly today to get started!