Crafting a Standout Dental Job Post: A Guide for Dental Practices

In the dynamic landscape of dental staffing for small practices, creating compelling dental job posts is a critical step in attracting the right talent. If you are posting an opening for a dental hygienist or dental assistant on Indeed, LinkedIn, or Dental Post, you need to put thought into crafting your job post. In this guide, we’ll break down four key elements that will not only make your job posts stand out but also help you hire dental professionals who are the perfect fit for your unique practice.

1. Survey the Dental Job Post Landscape

Before crafting your job post, take a moment to survey the current market. Review other dental job listings to gauge the trends and offerings. “If you miss the mark

“If they can’t begin to envision themselves in your office, they won’t even bother sending a resume”.

Operations Director Amanda Splettstoeszer shares the importance of a well-crafted job posting in attracting quality dental professionals.

on what is considered ‘normal’ for other open positions, dental professionals won’t give your posting a second glance” said Amanda Splettstoeszer, Director of Operations with Kwikly Dental Staffing.

If it’s been a while since your last hire, this step is crucial to ensure that your offer is competitive and aligned with the expectations of dental professionals in the current market. Consider factors such as working hours, pay rates, and benefits that others are offering. This insight will help you position your practice attractively and competitively.

2. Illuminate the Compensation Package

One of the primary considerations for dental professionals is the compensation package. Be explicit and transparent about the details of your offer. Specify working

hours, pay rates, and any benefits you provide. Many professionals are actively seeking positions that align with their specific requirements, and they won’t invest time in applying for a position if these crucial details are unclear.

“Pay rate is an important factor, but it isn’t the only thing that matters,” said Splettstoeszer. “Retirement accounts, paid time off, or medical insurance can be dealbreakers for some dental professionals and other benefits, like flexible schedule or work-life balance, resonate deeply with jobseekers.” By clearly outlining your compensation package, you not only save time for both parties but also attract candidates genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

3. Infuse Personality Into Your Job Post

Dental job postings often follow a similar template, making it challenging for yours to stand out. Break free from the conventional pattern and infuse personality into your post. Consider your practice’s unique vibe and culture. “When scrolling through pages of job postings, the ones that receive the most attention are the ones that give a sense of the tone of the unique practice,” Splettstoeszer said. “If they can’t begin to envision themselves in your office, they won’t even bother sending a resume”.

Whether it’s a lighthearted tone, a touch of humor, or a description of the camaraderie within your team, let your personality shine through. Professionals scrolling through numerous listings will be drawn to a post that feels authentic and stands out from the crowd. This personal touch creates an immediate connection and sets the stage for a positive working relationship.

4. Paint a Vivid Picture of Your Dental Practice

A job post should not merely list duties and requirements; it should paint a vivid picture of what it’s like to work at your dental practice. Provide prospective employees with insights into your team dynamics, office passions, and practice philosophies. Help them envision themselves as a valuable part of your workplace. For instance:

“Step into [Your Dental Practice Name], where our close-knit team thrives on collaboration and support. Our passion for [specific aspects of dentistry] is not just a part of our work; it’s the heartbeat of our practice. If you picture yourself in an environment where every member is integral to our shared success, we would love to meet you.”

By painting a detailed and vibrant picture, you invite professionals who resonate with your practice’s ethos, leading to more meaningful and lasting connections.

Putting together an attractive dental job posting

Crafting standout dental job posts is a strategic process that involves staying attuned to the market, being transparent about compensation, injecting personality, and painting a vivid picture of your practice. In the competitive world of dental staffing, these elements not only attract the right candidates but also lay the foundation for a successful and harmonious working relationship. As a dental staffing agency with a focus on small practices, we recognize that each practice is unique, and by showcasing that uniqueness in your job posts, you’ll attract professionals who appreciate and align with what makes your practice special.

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