How Kwikly’s Dental Experts Solve Your Staffing Shortages

You know the feeling – it’s 11:00 PM, and one of your staff members texts you. They’ve got a sick child at home, and they won’t be able to come in tomorrow. It’s time to start finding a temp dental assistant or hygienist to take their shift. But you only have a few hours until your office opens its doors again. Can an online platform that connects you with dental experts really save the day?

Meet Kwikly: a dental temp agency for busy dental offices anywhere in the USA. We offer the personalized service you’d want from a traditional agency, plus the technological power of an app-based platform. Our on-demand temp agency for dentists’ offices will connect you with experienced professionals when you need them. Keep reading to learn more about how Kwikly can save the day.

It’s Easy To Post Shifts For Dental Experts With Kwikly

When you use Kwikly, it’s easy to post temporary dental hygienist jobs, dental receptionist jobs, and dental assistant jobs. Let’s take a brief look at each step you’ll take.

Step #1: Create A Free Account

Simply head to and set up your free account to get started. You won’t have to commit to a subscription plan, and you won’t have to pay any upfront costs. Join the 2,000+ offices already in our network and start filling vacant shifts.

Step #2: Get Approved For The Kwikly Platform

Once you’ve created your account, your approval will take place during normal business hours. The Kwikly team will follow up, helping you set up your account and get started on the platform. Once approved, you can start saving an average of up to $600 per shift with Kwikly.

Step #3: Post A Shift For Temporary Dental Experts On Our Platform

Posting a shift is quick and easy – and unlike other agencies, we only provide W-2 employees. You won’t have the hassle of filling out a 1099 form!

Step #4: Have Your Shift Filled By An Experienced Professional

You won’t need to worry about screening new team members, since Kwikly uses a thorough vetting process to ensure your temporary team member will be a great fit. They’ll show up for their first day of work ready to start since we’ll provide all the information they need beforehand. You can also view their profile picture, professional biography, and other relevant details.

Step #5: Automatic Billing Makes Payment Simple

After the shift has been completed, you’ll be billed to the payment method on file. With Kwikly, the dental hiring process doesn’t have to involve complicated paperwork. We handle all payroll taxes and insurance to make your job easier.

How Kwikly Has Saved The Day For Our Clients

Kwikly has already filled over 20,000 dental shifts across the USA. Why do so many of our partners choose Kwikly as their dentist temp agency? Here are just a few of the things our clients are talking about.

Kwikly Offers Consistent Staffing For Your Practice, Day In And Day Out

To provide a top-notch patient experience, you need dental experts you can rely on. When you fill dental job postings with Kwikly, you won’t have to wonder about the performance your temporary team members will offer. Instead, you’ll be able to fill every shift with confidence. One client remarked, “Every person that we work with has been stellar.” When you can spend less time supervising your temporary partners, you’ll have more time to run your office effectively.

With Kwikly, You Won’t Have To Wonder And Wait To See If Shifts Get Filled

Since Kwikly has over 2,000 vetted dental experts in our professional network, you won’t have to cross your fingers and wait forever to see if a shift will get filled. Since dental professionals can view and select shifts from our easy-to-use app, you’ll rarely need to pick up the phone. One of our partners explained that they’ve worked with multiple other temp agencies in the past. But with Kwikly, they stated, “I don’t feel like I’m waiting as long to see if there’s somebody available to help us out.” 

Kwikly Empowers Your Temporary Partners To Focus On Patient Care

When dental professionals work with many temp agencies, they face a mountain of paperwork every time they pick up a shift. They also have to communicate with each office they work with about procedures, pay, software questions, scheduling, and more. But Kwikly handles the procedural burden for our offices and dental professionals. One dental professional explained it this way: “Kwikly allows me to focus on the work itself.” Less paperwork and communication threads means more time and energy invested in your patients’ experience.

Kwikly Offers The Optimal Balance Of Support And Freedom To Our Dental Experts

Working a temporary shift at a dental office front desk or as a hygienist or assistant can be stressful. Many dental professionals feel overwhelmed when they walk into a new office. Since the daily schedule in a dental office is so fast-paced, they’re often unsure of where to turn for support when needed. They may also hesitate to ask questions and disrupt the workflow around them. Of course, many temporary dental experts also constantly search for work, sometimes settling for shifts that aren’t ideal.

With Kwikly, our dental professional partners enjoy a balance of freedom and support that makes each workday rewarding. One dental hygienist stated, “You get to be really independent in choosing your offices, choosing where you work, but then you have people backing you up.” Kwikly provides the support our professionals need to feel confident. We also empower them with the freedom they need to build a satisfying career. When your temporary dental experts are set up for success, everyone wins – including your office and your patients.

Learn More About Kwikly Today!

When we created Kwikly, we envisioned a better way to connect dental experts with offices that need their help. Are you ready to join our family of dental offices that have solved their staffing shortages for good? Sign up for our app today or schedule a call to learn more!