Kwikly to Introduce Daily Pay Feature for Dental Professionals

Kwikly is enabling dental professionals to get paid faster with DailyPay. This is just another instance where Kwikly empowers dental professionals and makes it easier than ever for them to take control of their work.

“We are excited to launch the accelerated pay opportunity for our dental professionals,” said Pedram Nastaean, Kwikly CEO. “We are working to make the entire work experience better for dental professionals, from setting their schedule to getting paid when they want.”

With this new feature, dental hygienists, assistants, and front desk professionals with Kwikly will be able to access a portion of their pay as soon as their timecard is approved. Whatever an employee does not transfer early will appear in their weekly direct deposit. Employees will be invited to sign up for early pay access through our partner, DailyPay.

Learn more about DailyPay.