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Maximizing Dental Clinic Efficiency With Temporary Staffing Solutions

In 2022, there were over 200,000 dentists practicing in the USA. As the number of dental school graduates increases, competition between dental clinics is also on the rise. A 2022 poll reported that the number of dental offices with full schedules is on the decline. Of course, one of the best ways to stay ahead of the competition is to offer an unbeatable patient experience. This starts with maximizing your clinic’s efficiency. A traditional dental job agency will help.. However, using up-to-date solutions like temp dental hiring agencies will take you all the way – and Kwikly , a leading dental temp agency, is uniquely positioned to maximise your clinic’s operational efficiency.

Operational efficiency can help keep your clinic profitable in an increasingly competitive environment. In this article, We’ll explore the steps to boost your office’s efficiency and why Kwikly stands out as the premier choice among dental hiring agencies in the USA for achieving maximum efficiency.

Take Advantage Of The Latest Technological Tools, Including Dental Hiring Agencies Why Choose Kwikly Over Traditional Dental Hiring Agencies in The USA?

Your patients live in a high-tech world. When they visit your clinic, they expect to find a commitment to using cutting-edge technology. Integrating the latest tech into your operating practices can take many forms. For example, the latest imaging systems can make it faster than ever to obtain the data you need, minimizing the chairside time required. Automated billing practices make payment simple for your staff as well as your patients, and up-to-date scheduling software makes appointment management simpler than ever before. Investing today in the latest scheduling and billing software will pay dividends over the long term.

Why Choose Kwikly Over Traditional Dental Hiring Agencies in The USA?

A young dental patient receiving care in a USA clinic supported by Kwikly's temporary dental staffing, ensuring a swift experience.

Adopting new technology can be expensive up front, so it’s essential to allocate enough funds for tech updates in your operating budget. But there’s one powerful technological tool that won’t require any upfront costs: Kwikly. We offer the personalized service you’d find at traditional dental job agency in the USA – however, we also leverage the latest technology to connect you with the temporary dental professionals you need. When you’ve got a shift to fill, Kwikly allows you to easily post positions, like temporary dental assistant jobs and temporary dental hygiene jobs. It’s free to create an account with Kwikly, and you won’t be locked into a subscription plan. On average, you can expect to save up to $600 per shift, as compared to canceled appointments, when you choose Kwikly as your dental temp agency.

Adopt A Patient-First Mindset When Scheduling And Conducting Appointments

Your patients are looking for an office with minimal wait times and maximum scheduling flexibility. By increasing your operational efficiency, you can reduce the time each patient spends in the waiting room. Keeping multiple operatories in use at all times can help – and ensuring you have enough staff around the clock is essential.

During peak times or unexpected staffing shortages, it can be challenging to stay on track. At the beginning of the school year or during holiday seasons, your office might experience a sudden influx of patients. When a key member of your staff has to miss work, your entire day can be thrown off balance. Don’t leave patients sitting in the waiting room when this happens. Instead, partner with Kwikly to fill temporary dental assistant and hygiene jobs in your office – even on short notice. For more, read about How Kwikly’s Dental Experts Solve Your Staffing Shortages

When your patients have a dental emergency or need to reschedule an appointment, they want to be offered available appointment slots as soon as possible. With a fixed number of staff members, it can be harder to flex up and meet unexpected needs. However, unlike any other dental job agency, Kwikly makes it easy to take on additional patients when unique situations arise.

Patient enjoying a positive dental visit with a practitioner from one of the best temp dental hiring agencies in the USA, Kwikly.

Keep Communication Lines Open To Enhance Your Patient Experience

Communication is key in any relationship, including provider-patient relationships and manager-staff relationships. Make transparent communication a priority to keep your clinic running smoothly, even on the busiest days.

Choose The Right Temporary Partners To Communicate With Patients

Effective communication with your patients means offering clear, knowledgeable answers to your patient’s questions and concerns.. That’s why it requires high-quality temporary staff who focus on excellent patient care. As the best dental temp agency in the USA, Kwikly can help you optimize your communication with patients. Unlike other dental hiring agencies, when you partner with Kwikly to find temporary dental professionals, you can count on their expertise and professionalism. 

Our thorough screening process and personal approach to staffing means you can expect a good fit every time a temporary professional walks into your office. Don’t trust just anyone to communicate with patients on your behalf. Kwikly has over 2,000 vetted dental professionals in our extensive network across the USA, so you won’t need to “worry about someone who’s not a good fit.”

Work With A Dental Temp Agency That Handles Administrative Tasks For Your Temporary Partners

Without Kwikly, your workload could increase substantially when you finally fill your temporary dental hygiene and assistant jobs. You’ll need to quickly get your new professional up to speed regarding your office software, policies, and procedures. You may also have a lot of paperwork to complete on their behalf. 

Kwikly allows you to leave those burdens behind. You won’t have to fill out a 1099 form – you can leave the taxes and payment to us. Plus, we’ll provide all the details your temporary dental assistant needs before they start their first shift. If a professional needs support while working at your office, we’ll be available to answer questions and help them succeed. 

A temp dental hygienist working attentively on a patient, a service facilitated by Kwikly's robust dental staffing network.

What Makes Kwikly The Best Temporary Dental Staffing Solution In The USA?

When you partner with Kwikly, you can provide a more consistent standard of care for your patients. You’ll also get the best of what current dental hiring agencies can offer. As a recipient of the 2023 Healthcare Heroes Award, Kwikly has been recognized for its key contribution to healthcare in the USA. Sign up for our app today to join the 1,000+ offices in our network, or schedule a call to learn more!