Office Feature: Whittle Family Dentistry, Benbrook, TX

At Kwikly, we work with amazing dental practices that provide excellent care to their patients. One of these practices is Whittle Family Dentistry, located just outside of Fort Worth.

Outside of Whittle Family Dentistry in Benbrook, Texas

Tell us a bit about your practice.

“Whittle Family Dentistry is located in Benbrook, Texas.  Dr. William C. Whittle graduated from Baylor and started his practice in 1979.  His son, William D. Whittle graduated in 2008 and joined the practice in 2017. We have two dentists, three full-time hygienists, a part-time hygienist, two full-time assistants, a scheduling coordinator, and an office manager.”

In your opinion, what is the most important factor that contributes to practice success?

“We attribute the success of the practice to treating every single one of our patients as if they were our family members.  We treat everyone the way that we would like to be treated, and here you are not just a number.”

Inside the waiting room of Whittle Family Dentistry in Benbrook, TX

How have you overcome staffing challenges for your office?

“Up until last July, we have not really had challenges trying to find good hygienists to help us out.  After trying out other dental temp services and not being happy with the quality of temps being sent our way, we stumbled onto Kwikly.  Since then we have only used Kwikly for all of our temp requests.  99% of dental temps we have had here have been super nice and friendly and our patients love them!”