Answers to Tax Questions for Dental Professionals and Practices


Answers to Tax Questions for Dental Professionals and Practices

Worker classification has big implications at tax time. Dental practices and professionals can't afford to get it wrong so we asked the accounting experts at Virjee Consulting to answer common questions.

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A Kwikly dental professional that is smiling, and catering to a dental patient, with a feature title Temping in Dentistry

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Temping in Dentistry: A Complete Overview for Dental Professionals

It’s no secret that today’s dental professionals are increasingly turning to temporary work. If you’re a dental professional looking for new opportunities, you may be wondering whether dental temping is right for your needs. If you’ve already decided to give dental temping a try, getting started can be a little overwhelming. For one thing, there are so many flex temp agencies to choose from. And in many cases, getting started with an agency and looking for work can be labor intensive and inconvenient.

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This picture shows February has been designated Gum Disease Awareness Month in an effort to educate individuals about the signs, risks, and preventative measures associated with this oral health issue.

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Gum Disease Awareness Month

February has been designated Gum Disease Awareness Month in an effort to educate individuals about the signs, risks, and preventative measures associated with this oral health issue. Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a common yet serious condition that affects the tissues surrounding the teeth. Despite its prevalence, many people are unaware of the potential consequences of untreated gum disease.

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Kwikly's solution for reducing dental practice operating costs, featuring a confident nurse and a graph illustrating savings.

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Mitigate Rising Operating Costs With Flexible, Temporary Staffing

With inflation, labor costs, and frequent staffing shortages on the rise, it can be hard to run a successful dental practice today. If your practice doesn’t maintain enough profitability, your patients and team members may be negatively impacted. One way to meet the challenge of increased operating costs is to work with a dentist temping agency. Of course, you could just open your search engine and search for “dental staffing agency near me.” But local dental staffing companies may not help you achieve your financial goals. In fact, they may take advantage of practices that experience these challenges. On the other hand, Kwikly supports your success with expert professionals, tools and support to help your permanent staff operate at their best.

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The difference between independent contractor and employee worker status in the dental industry

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Worker Classification for Dental Temps: Why the Right Choice Matters

Should a temporary dental professional be classified as an independent contractor or an employee? As dental practices work to overcome staffing challenges, many dental professionals are unaware of the rules, liabilities, and risks related to worker classification. “Independent contractor” versus “employee” or “1099” vs “W-2”—there are many opinions on the subject so it’s important to be familiar with the facts and how federal and state regulations impact you.

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Informative header for an article on finding the right dental staffing agency or marketplace, featuring Kwikly’s solutions.

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Dental Temp Agencies and Dental Marketplaces: Finding The Right Dental Staffing Agency For Your Needs

Should you be working with a dental temp agency or a dental staffing marketplace? If you’re looking for a dental staffing agency, you might have an immediate need for help in your busy office. But not every dental job agency offers the same benefits.

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Diverse team of dental professionals, showcasing the success of dental staffing with a reputed dental temp agency

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Leveraging Dental Hiring Agencies: Staffing Strategies for Offices

If you need a dental expert to fill in a temporary gap at your office, you can rely on temporary dental hiring agencies to save the day. But what if you need to hire a new permanent staff member for your dental office? You might find yourself crafting a detailed job posting, reading through a stack of applications, researching and vetting potential candidates, and conducting a never-ending series of interviews.

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A calendar showing a canceled dental appointment, highlighting the pain points of dental offices and how Kwikly can help.

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Minimizing The Impact Of Patient Cancellations With The Right Dental Temp Agency

When your patients cancel their dental appointments, everyone involved feels the impact. Your patients experience delays in their care, which can lead to oral health complications. Your practice also misses out on anticipated revenue and operates less efficiently.

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How HB3824 Impacts Texas Dental Hygienists

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How HB 3824 Impacts Texas Dental Hygienists

The bill is a response to the evolving demands of oral healthcare, seeking to empower dental hygienists by expanding their scope of practice. Read more about how.

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Title graphic for 'The Evolution of Dental Employment and the Temping Agency at Its Forefront', highlighting Kwikly as a key temping agency in the USA.

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The Evolution Of Dental Employment And The Temping Agency At Its Forefront

The dental employment landscape in the USA has shifted dramatically over time, now resulting in temping agencies being more popular than ever before. Many new developments in the world of dental employment reflect economic trends, population shifts, and other national changes. With each new era, new problems develop, and new solutions emerge. The evolution of dental employment tells the story of innovation and ingenuity.

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A temp female dental professional from Kwikly's expansive USA network, providing quality care to a patient.

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Finding Your Perfect Match: The Role of Temporary Dental Staffing In Clinic Success

As a dental clinic manager, you’re always looking for innovative ways to reduce canceled appointments, optimize your patient experience, and boost your operational efficiency. The right dental temp services can provide all these benefits and more. When you partner with a temp agency to connect with high-quality dental professionals, your job becomes less stressful. You won’t have to worry when a member of your staff needs to call in sick.

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The Hiring Criteria for Kwikly Dental Professionals

Temporary Staffing

The Hiring Criteria for Kwikly Dental Professionals

Kwikly's proprietary hiring criteria determine if a dental hygienist, dental assistant, or front desk professional will be a good fit work with our dental practices. The clinical dental setting is a demanding environment that requires a varied skillset. We assess for a range of skills and aptitudes necessary for success in temporary dental staffing.

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Dental professionals consulting over a patient list in a modern dental clinic, highlighting Kwikly's staffing solutions in the USA

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Maximizing Dental Clinic Efficiency With Temporary Staffing Solutions

A 2022 poll reported that the number of dental offices with full schedules is on the decline. Of course, one of the best ways to stay ahead of the competition is to offer an unbeatable patient experience. This starts with maximizing your clinic’s efficiency.

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How Kwikly’s Dental Experts Solve Your Staffing Shortages

You know the feeling – it’s 11:00 PM, and one of your staff members texts you. They’ve got a sick child at home, and they won’t be able to come in tomorrow. It’s time to start finding a temp dental assistant or hygienist to take their shift. But you only have a few hours until your office opens its doors again. Can an online platform that connects you with dental experts really save the day?

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