What dental offices and professionals say about working with Kwikly

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Worry-free staffing for dental practices

"The temps that we've had from Kwikly are very knowledgeable—very good with our patients. It's always a comfort to know that they're going to be taking care of your patients the way that one of your regular team members would."

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Top dental hygienists and assistants

"I've gained so much professionally. I've worked with many different dental softwares, different dental x-ray systems, and it just helps you become more proficient and more adaptable."

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What makes Kwikly Dental Staffing different

"We look for people who are responsive, resourceful, and reliable. Those are our core values and that's really what we look for in our dental professionals."

Brooke Hansen, RDH shares about her temping experience with Kwikly
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Working with Kwikly as a temp dental hygienist

"The communication that you have between the quickly staff and yourself is huge. You have that direct contact line with somebody and you can text them or you can call them. You're not doing this on your own. You know you have a team to help you out."

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Enjoy dental hygiene work more with Kwikly

"Temping has helped to just build so many connections. You get to meet way more patients, office managers, and dentists. If I didn't temp through Kwikly, I don't think I would enjoy my temping shifts as much."

Temp dental assistant using the Kwikly dental staffing app
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Flexibility for Your Lifestyle

"I decided to start temping because it fits my lifestyle a little bit better. I wanted to have a more flexible schedule"

Reviews from Dental Professionals

  • I’ve been working as a temp RDH since 2020 and have worked with Kwikly for over a year now. The app is user friendly, provides great amount of information about... read more

    Alma N Avatar Alma N

    Kwikly is very easy to work with. From the app, the staff support and everything in between, they have exceeded my expectations. Best temp agency I have ever worked for.

    parvaneh nelson Avatar parvaneh nelson

    Kwikly Dental Staffing is one of the best Temp Agency’s, they are all ways quick to respond with any questions or concerns and make finding a job super easy. I... read more

    Madison Devillier Avatar Madison Devillier

    I love working for Kwikly!

    Monika Avatar Monika

    Friendly staff and great selection of offices. So far my experience has been great and hassle free to manage my own schedule. Everything is managed through their well done app... read more

    Adriana Cornejo Avatar Adriana Cornejo

    Kwikly is the Best! Easy app to use! Gusto stores all of your employment information! Great team! The staff are always there to help you with anything!! Fast Growing... read more

    Patricia Miller Avatar Patricia Miller
  • Best option for flexible scheduling and great temp assistant wages!

    dom Avatar dom

    I have had a great experience working with quickly. They have always gone the extra mile to be the best temp agency to work for. They are always easy to... read more

    Rebecca Royce Avatar Rebecca Royce

    Great way to pickup shifts the app is really easy to use, you can set your own availability, keep it updated, and even have to option to request partial shifts.... read more

    Fatima Cruz Avatar Fatima Cruz

    Easy convenient to schedule and clock in and out! No need to bother staff to sign timesheets and carry around timesheets

    Pje Murphy Avatar Pje Murphy

    Quick and easy interviews process. Great offices equipped with what you need. Ask the appropriate questions so you know exact how your day will be! Happy I joined temping with... read more

    Alexis Vazquez Avatar Alexis Vazquez

    App is easy to use. Feedback from users is valued and used to improve the experience of the professionals utilizing it. Staff are easy to contact, respond quickly, and are... read more

    Sara Smith Avatar Sara Smith
  • Kwikly has been great to use while working part-time at my employer and supplementing a day or two a week. If I ever had questions on a posting or... read more

    Tanya Doyen Avatar Tanya Doyen

    Temping works very well with my schedule. I fill in as a temp when my Dr is on vacation or I want to pick up extra shifts. All offices I... read more

    Amy Loscheider Avatar Amy Loscheider

    Kwikly provides great opportunities for temping and creating your own schedule. This company has an easy to use app that keeps track of everything.

    Brynn Castagnetta Avatar Brynn Castagnetta

    Kwikly has been amazing to work for they are so organized and anytime you need a question answered someone gets back to you immediately!!!! It is so convenient to be... read more

    Jana Porter Avatar Jana Porter

    Kwikly is the best! Their staff is responsive and they are there when you need them. The app is also very easy to use and straightforward. I love that... read more

    Duazong Thao Avatar Duazong Thao

    I’ve been with Kwikly for over 2 years now as a temp hygienist, everyone from Kwikly that I’ve conversed with has always been helpful, kind and quick to respond. I’ve... read more

    Morgan Christensen Avatar Morgan Christensen
  • I love using Kwikly when temping as an RDH. The app makes it easy for you to update your availability and choose shifts based on your office preferences/how far you'd... read more

    Kelly S Avatar Kelly S

    kwikly has been a great place to work. There’s always someone to answer your questions and my manager has been very easy to get a hold of with questions !

    Josalyn Hammond Avatar Josalyn Hammond

    KWIKLY is such a great company to work for. They care about their employees and their offices. The offices they work with are wonderful. The app makes it easy to... read more

    Kelly Scheurer Avatar Kelly Scheurer

    It's a great way to earn extra cash on the side. Tons of clinics within the metro with all hours available to meet your needs.

    Nhia Moua Avatar Nhia Moua

    Great company to work for! Prompt communication and attentive staff

    Doris Teat Avatar Doris Teat

    Such a great place to work!! great offices, really easy to use app!!

    Kmb Jones Avatar Kmb Jones