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Best Dental Staffing Agency: Kwikly Guides You To Become a Dental Office Manager

In the USA today, you’ll find roughly 61 practicing dentists for every 100,000 people in the population. With so many dental offices across the USA, dentist office jobs are also on the rise. If you’re interested in becoming a dental office manager, you’ve chosen one of the most fast-paced and dynamic dental careers. We’re committed to making your career in dental office management easier than ever before.

Kwikly is at the forefront of innovation in dental staffing, thanks to our convenient online platform. When dental office managers need to fill staffing gaps, they can simply post available shifts to the Kwikly platform in a few clicks. Then, they can easily connect with dental professionals, including dental assistants, dental hygienists, and more. Temporary professionals will use the Kwikly mobile app to accept their desired shifts on Kwikly’s cloud-based platform. The Kwikly process makes dental staffing simpler and faster, so managers can spend more time investing in the health of their practice. Want to learn more about becoming a dental office manager—and how Kwikly can help you succeed? We’ve got answers to your most important questions.

What Does a Dental Office Manager Do?

Dental Office Manager is a single title that encompasses many duties. Dental office managers are responsible for the overall operation and success of a dental practice. For this reason, a successful manager will be able to wear many different hats on a daily basis, quickly learn new skill sets, and switch from one task to another with ease. Here’s an overview of a few essential duties that dental office managers often fill.

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Dental Managers Often Perform Human Resource Duties

Most dental practices do not have a dedicated HR staff. This means that as the dental office manager, you’ll often be responsible for managing employees. Your responsibilities may include:

  • Creating and maintaining job postings when you need to hire additional staff
  • Filling temporary staffing gaps caused by sudden patient demands or employee absences
  • Maintaining files on each employee and conducting periodic performance reviews
  • Handling employee scheduling requests
  • Addressing any performance issues and enforcing your practice’s protocols

This can be demanding work, but Kwikly is here to reduce the burden on dental office managers. With Kwikly, you can fill temporary staffing gaps with no hassle—even on short notice! 

Many Dental Managers Help To Serve Patients

As a dental office manager, you won’t just be managing employees. You’ll likely also handle patient needs along with the rest of your team. Staff working dentist office jobs often field patient requests, handle paperwork, schedule appointments, input patient data, and more.

Dental Office Manager Duties: Day-to-Day Business Operations in the USA

Does your office printer need a new ink cartridge? Do you need to assess the financial health of your practice? Maybe you need to pay the utility bills for your building, order new supplies and equipment, or develop a new marketing campaign. Dental office manager duties typically include tasks like these. From purchasing to marketing to accounting and more, you’ll perform the many roles needed to keep your practice in the United States operating smoothly and profitably.

How To Be A Dental Office Manager: Skills You Need

Dental office management requires a diverse skill set. Some key abilities necessary to excel in dentist office jobs include:

  • Customer service and professionalism skills
  • The ability to multitask and stay organized
  • Confidence and leadership skills needed to manage a diverse team of professionals
  • Familiarity with software, terminology, and procedures commonly used in the dental industry
  • Comfort with using a variety of technology and software

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What Are the Most Rewarding and Least Rewarding Aspects of the Job?

Like all jobs, managing a dental practice can be rewarding at times and frustrating at others. Some of the many highlights of dentist office jobs include:

  • Getting to help patients and solve their problems
  • Working with a diverse team to accomplish your shared goals
  • Staying busy in a fast-paced environment where the time flies by

Sometimes, dental office managers complain about the less desirable aspects of this job, including:

  • Navigating interpersonal conflict among patients and staff
  • Making tough hiring and firing decisions and enforcing office policies
  • Juggling a wide variety of day-to-day responsibilities

However, many of these drawbacks become much less overwhelming the longer you remain in your role. Overall, dental office management can be a highly satisfying career choice.

An infographic explaining the most and least rewarding aspects of a career in dental office management side by side.

What Is the Educational Background and Preparation Needed To Become a Dental Office Manager?

Typically, you do not need an advanced degree to manage a dental practice. Many dental office managers have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in a variety of disciplines. Marketing, business, and healthcare are a few of the majors that can lead to a successful career working dentist office jobs. While not always required, it can be helpful to obtain additional certifications in dental office management.

How Can Kwikly Help Me Thrive as a Dental Office Manager in the United States?

Kwikly makes dental office managers’ lives easier in many ways. Some of these include:

  • Handling the administrative burden of working with temporary professionals
  • Connecting managers with qualified, reliable professionals who will be an asset to the team
  • Save an average of $600 per shift for dental practices who would otherwise need to cancel a patient appointment
  • Helping managers find the temporary help they need in just a few clicks
  • Offering the support temporary professionals need in order to thrive on the job
  • Handling the insurance needs of temporary professionals, so managers don’t have to worry about it

If you pursue a career in dental office management within the USA, partnering with Kwikly is one of the best decisions you can make!

Kwikly: Every Dental Office Manager’s Best Friend

Running a successful dental practice doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Kwikly can connect you with over 5,000 vetted professionals, so you can cross “find a temporary dental professional” off your to-do list. Sign up for Kwikly today to get started!