New Kwikly App Feature: Direct Messaging

We are excited to announce a new feature that allows dental office managers and professionals to message each other directly through the Kwikly platform.

Example of temporary dental hygienists and temporary dental assistants using the messaging feature on the Kwikly dental staffing mobile app

Professionals can message and respond to office managers about upcoming temporary shifts, through the mobile app.

The messaging feature is great for asking quick questions and sharing helpful shift details. A dental professional and office have the option to message each other when they have a shift scheduled.  To access the messaging feature, open your account or the mobile app and select “messaging” in the left menu.

This is just another way that we are listening to the needs of our offices and temporary dental professionals and providing solutions to make the dental staffing experience better. We recently deployed other new staffing platform features that our users requested.

Changes to the shift schedule and shift cancellations should continue to be made through the platform rather than through messaging. Of course, our support team is also available to answer questions you have about this new feature.