The Hiring Criteria for Kwikly Dental Professionals

The Hiring Criteria for Kwikly Dental Professionals

Kwikly has a proprietary evaluation process to determine if a dental hygienist, dental assistant, or front desk professional will be a good fit to join our team. The clinical dental setting is a dynamic and multi-faceted environment that requires a varied skillset. Through our application process, we assess a range of skills and aptitudes for each candidate.

Clinical Skills

Exemplary clinical skills should be the initial expectation for any temporary dental professional. Our interview process was created by experienced dental professionals so that we are asking the right questions to get to the heart of what makes a good clinician. This is particularly important for positions like dental assistants because skill sets can vary. We prioritize maintaining a high-caliber skill set amongst our professionals to ensure office satisfaction.

For some positions, we also include a qualifying quiz to validate a professional’s skillset. This quiz helps us to place each professional in positions that are appropriate for them. And every applicant must submit professional references who can attest to the skills specific for the position to which they are applying.

Interpersonal Skills

As Amanda Splettstoeszer, Kwikly’s director of operation explains: “Not every great clinician makes a great temporary professional.” Rather than leave this up for interpretation, we have developed key indicators to assess whether an applicant possesses the flexibility, adaptability, and focus to succeed on the Kwikly team.

Beyond specific questions asked during the screening process, our talent acquisition specialists are trained on a lengthy list of criteria that we’ve developed from working with thousands of dental professionals. We know that communication and the ability to integrate quickly with the practice team is crucial for effective on-demand dental staffing. That’s why we look for professionals who have the attitude and ability to connect and integrate quickly.


Amongst our company’s core values, we know reliability is one of the most important for the office experience. Reliability means that the professional shows up for their shift, they are on time, they perform up to expectations, and they deliver consistently high-quality care. To evaluate an applicant’s reliability, we do much more than ask them questions about it in the interview.

Throughout the entire application process, our professionals have the opportunity to demonstrate their reliability at various points. Whether that is showing up on time and ready for their interview, to fulfilling other checkpoints, we are constantly noting if they have follow-through.

Further, references are asked questions that help us understand if a dental professional has demonstrated reliability in their past positions. Low ratings in these areas are often a big red flag to our hiring team that can have a strong impact on the ultimate approval of the professional.

Continuous Improvement

Our rigorous screening process contributes to a high success rate with our dental professionals but there are always opportunities to improve. Our regional operations teams listen to feedback and provide coaching to help professionals perform at their best. We also are continuously evaluating our hiring criteria to ensure we are meeting the evolving demands of the dental industry. This focus on constant improvement helps us to provide high-quality experiences for our professionals and practices with every assignment.