The Pitfalls of Working on Dental Staffing Marketplaces

The Pitfalls of Working on Dental Staffing “Marketplaces”

In today’s gig economy, dental professionals, including hygienists and assistants, are increasingly turning to online platforms or marketplaces for job opportunities. These platforms promise flexibility, high pay rates, and easy access to temporary work assignments. However, what many dental professionals may not realize is that by joining these platforms as independent contractors, they may be putting themselves at risk of financial strain, limited support, and potential legal issues.

Understanding the Risks of Independent Contractor Status

When you sign up with a dental staffing platform as an independent contractor, you are essentially working for yourself. While this may offer flexibility in terms of choosing when and where to work, it also means you are responsible for managing your taxes, obtaining your own insurance, and handling other administrative tasks typically provided by an employer.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor and Internal Revenue Service standards, dental hygienists and assistants should be classified as employees, not independent contractors. This classification is crucial because it entitles workers to certain rights and protections, such as minimum wage guarantees, overtime pay, workers’ compensation, and unemployment benefits.

The Hidden Costs of Dental Staffing Marketplaces

One of the most significant drawbacks of working as an independent contractor is the financial burden it places on professionals. Many dental staffing marketplaces or platforms advertise high pay rates, but they often fail to mention that independent contractors are responsible for setting aside a significant portion of their income for taxes.

FICA Rate Table (Social Security + Medicare Witholding)

Typically, independent contractors must pay both the employer and employee portions of payroll taxes, which can amount to 20-30% of their earnings. This means that at the end of the year, independent contractors may be hit with a hefty tax bill that they were not prepared for, potentially leading to financial hardship and stress.

Here is a practical example. Suppose a hygienists makes $50 per hour. The FICA taxes are 15.3% for self-employed individuals while an employer would pay half for workers classified as employees. Classified as an employee, $3.83 of that rate will go to FICA taxes, leaving them $46.17 per hour. As an independent contractor, $7.66 will go toward FICA taxes, making their take-home rate $42.34 per hour. With the same hourly rate, the employee takes home 9% more than the independent contractor.

Why Choose Employee Status with Kwikly Dental Staffing

At Kwikly Dental Staffing, we understand the importance of treating dental professionals as employees, not independent contractors. By classifying our workers as employees and providing them with W-2 forms, we offer a host of benefits and protections that independent contractors often miss out on.

Here are some reasons why dental professionals should choose employee status with Kwikly Dental Staffing:

1. Professional Support: As an employee of Kwikly, you’ll have access to dedicated support from our team. Whether you have questions about your assignments or require guidance on professional matters, our team is here to help.

2. Insurance Coverage: We provide comprehensive insurance coverage, including liability insurance and worker’s compensation, to all our employees. This ensures that you are protected in the event of an injury or other work-related incident.

3. Payroll Taxes: Unlike independent contractors, employees of Kwikly do not have to worry about paying the employer portion of payroll taxes. We handle all tax withholding and contributions, saving you time and hassle.

4. More Take-Home Pay: By eliminating the need to set aside a portion of your income for taxes and insurance, employees of Kwikly often end up with more take-home pay compared to independent contractors.

5. Less Administrative Burden: As an employee, you can focus on providing quality care to patients without having to worry about the administrative tasks typically associated with being self-employed.

What dental professionals should know is that, while dental staffing platforms may offer convenience and flexibility, they often come with significant drawbacks, particularly when it comes to classification as independent contractors. By choosing employee status with Kwikly Dental Staffing, dental hygienists and assistants can enjoy greater support, protection, and financial stability in their careers. Don’t settle for less—choose Kwikly Dental Staffing for your next job opportunity.