Temp Dental Staffing Agency Partnerships: What Your Office Gains

As a dental office manager, you know how stressful it can be to manage dental staffing on top of all your other responsibilities. Maybe you’ve considered partnering with a dental employment agency but still have questions. Can an agency help you reduce missed appointments, boost your revenue stream, and protect your peace of mind? The truth is that working with a dental staffing agency can reduce your canceled appointments, so you can provide more consistent patient care. In many ways, dental hygienists and assistants are the backbone of your whole operation. When you suddenly need extra help, partnering with an agency – and choosing the right one – is crucial.

Not all dental employment agencies are created equal. You need an agency that empowers you to quickly get extra hands on deck when you need it most. It should also shield you from unprofessional or untrained temp workers who add nothing but stress to your workday. Kwikly, the new recipient of the 2023 Healthcare Heroes award is an on-demand dental staffing agency known offering the best service you’ll find anywhere in the USA – ranking #24 on Inc. Magazine’s List of Fastest-growing Companies in the Midwest. When you partner with Kwikly, your clinic and the professionals who keep it running will enjoy many unique benefits. This article will explore how the innovative concept of on-demand dental staffing is transforming the dental industry.

Kwikly provides stress less and rapid, trustworthy dental temp staffing assistance.

Why Is On-Demand Dental Staffing Now So Transformative in the USA?

As an on-demand temp dental agency for assistants, hygienists and other professionals, Kwikly connects temp dental professionals to practices that need their help. Our glowing reviews reflect how valuable our model really is. Our clients and temps alike love how responsive our team is and how easy our app is to use.

What’s wrong with traditional hiring for dentist office jobs?

The hiring process can be time-consuming since it typically involves:

All of these steps can take days or weeks to complete. In the meantime, your office phone is ringing, and your calendar has empty appointment slots to fill. When you’re faced with a staffing shortage, you might put additional pressure on your staff or feel tempted to lower your hiring standards to fill the gap. When this becomes a pattern, your stress levels remain high – and your most reliable team members start to burn out. You need a way to break the cycle.


Kwikly | An on-demand dental staffing agency to the rescue

Technology has recently improved many aspects of patient care, and leveraging it can significantly improve your patients’ experience. Today, patients can communicate with healthcare professionals from their smartphones, book appointments online, and pay their bills electronically. At Kwikly, we’ve leveraged today’s technology to create an easy-to-use dental staffing platform. Now, you can fill shifts quickly without filing paperwork or picking up the phone. Dental professionals love using our app for temporary work quickly and reliably. By facilitating real-time connections, Kwikly makes the dental staffing process more convenient and rewarding for professionals and practices.

A contrast of traditional hiring, and Kwikly's convenient tech-driven method for quality dental staffing.

How Your Practice Benefits From Partnering With a Temporary Dental Staffing Agency

What’s in it for your clinic when you partner with a dental staffing agency? Let’s explore a few of the many benefits you’ll discover.

Fill staffing gaps more efficiently with Kwikly | A temp dental assistant and hygienist agency

What happens when one of your staff members calls out sick or gets a flat tire on their way to work? Even worse–what would you do if one of your key staff members suddenly quits? With Kwikly, you can consistently provide patients with the continuity of care they expect.

Save on traditional hiring costs by using the Kwikly app for temp work

Advertising open positions isn’t cheap, and neither is the onboarding process when you add a new team member to your clinic. A temp agency can eliminate many of these costs when you need additional hygienists or assistants. When you have a short-term staffing shortage, why not find a short-term solution? Our savings calculator can help determine how much you’ll save by reducing cancellations with a dental employment agency.

Connect with a broader range of dental professionals

Do you wish it were easier to find professionals with the specific outlook and expertise you’re looking for? You could comb through a stack of resumes looking for “green flags” – or you could easily connect with pre-vetted professionals who are ready to work at your office tomorrow. If you desire, we can also arrange for you to extend a permanent offer.

Benefits of using Kwikly dental staffing, highlighting efficient staffing, cost savings, and a broader range of professionals.

Why Are So Many Dental Professionals Partnering With Dental Staffing Agencies in the USA?

Finding enough hygienists for around 79% of dental practices is “extremely challenging”. The COVID-19 pandemic worsened the existing problem, and temp dental assistant agencies have been on the rise ever since. Using Kwikly as your temporary dental staffing agency is a win-win for your practice and the professionals you hire for dentist office jobs. These are just a few reasons why our professionals chose Kwikly instead of a different temp hygienist agency.

Higher earnings and more work opportunities

Like most Americans, dental professionals sometimes face unexpected costs. When car trouble or medical bills strike, dental professionals often value opportunities to earn additional income. In many cases, partnering with a dental staffing agency offers the power they need to boost their earnings.

The freedom to set your own schedule with Kwikly’s app for temp work

Work-life balance is a top concern among many dental professionals, especially those in the millennial and Gen Z generations. Burnout, stress, and conflicting life responsibilities can make it hard for hygienists and other professionals to do quality work. A partnership with an agency allows many talented but busy professionals to keep doing the work they enjoy on their own terms.

More diverse professional connections

Many dental professionals enjoy the varied work experience an agency can offer. When professionals like hygienists and assistants partner with Kwikly, it means they’re no longer confined to a single dentist office job and team. Instead, they get to build broad professional networks and learn to work with diverse teams. This experience makes for a fantastic resume booster. It also helps to build resilient and flexible dental professionals.

perks for dental professionals partnering with staffing agencies: higher pay, flexible schedules, and a wider professional network.

Why Choose Kwikly For On-Demand Dental Staffing in the USA?

Kwikly’s founders set out to create a mutually beneficial platform to transform the dental staffing process for professionals and practices alike – one result of that being the Kwikly app for temp work. Today, Kwikly serves thousands of dental professionals and offices across the USA. Want learn more about what we can offer your practice? Sign up or schedule a call to discuss your practice’s goals and challenges today. We’ll connect you with the reliable, responsive professionals you’ve been looking for, but with none of the waiting around.