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The Evolution Of Dental Employment And The Temping Agency At Its Forefront

The dental employment landscape in the USA has shifted dramatically over time, now resulting in temping agencies being more popular than ever before. Many new developments in the world of dental employment reflect economic trends, population shifts, and other national changes. With each new era, new problems develop, and new solutions emerge. The evolution of dental employment tells the story of innovation and ingenuity. As one of the best temporary agencies at the forefront of dental employment’s evolution, Kwikly is proud to represent the latest in the industry’s development. Our cloud-based platform built for dental express staffing connects dental clinics with high-quality professionals in their area to fill temporary or permanent staffing shortages.

Temping Agencies And The Changing Landscape of Dental Employment

How exactly has the world of dental employment changed over the decades? Why are temp dental assistants and hygienists in such high demand today – and what factors could explain this trend? In around 120 years, the roles of dental hygienists, dental assistants, and other dental professionals have evolved from practically nonexistent to in demand. In fact, in 2022, there were around 371,000 jobs for dental hygienists alone in the USA. Furthermore, between 2022 and 2032, employment for dental hygienists is projected to rise by 7%, making temping agencies like Kwikly even more vital. Keep reading to learn more about the evolution of dental employment. You’ll also learn about Kwikly’s role as one of the best temporary agencies in reducing staffing shortages as the industry faces new challenges.

The Early 20th Century of The USA: Dental Assistants and Dental Hygienists Emerge 

Before dental assistants and hygienists, who performed cleanings and administrative tasks? Who provided an extra set of skilled hands during dental procedures? Long before the rise of professional assistants, hygienists, or the likes of a dental job agency, dentists often practiced solo. In many cases, no one was on hand to provide dental hygiene or dental assisting services (or the services did not exist yet). The 1880s saw the rise of “dental nurses” in America, who offered preventative treatments that helped slow the progress of dental disease. The term “dental hygienist” emerged in 1906, and by 1914, formal training classes and state dental hygiene associations had developed. Connecticut became the first state to pass laws regarding licensure for hygienists – and in 1917, Irene Newman became the first dental hygienist to hold a license.

A historical overview of dental hygienists, emphasizing the role of temping agencies like Kwikly in modern dental staffing.

The 1920s-1940s: Dental Hygienist and Dental Assistant Roles Becomes More Formal

In 2023, the American Dental Hygienists’ Association celebrated 100 years of representing dental hygienists in the USA. Since its origin in 1923, this organization has helped keep hygienists updated on the latest professional trends. The ADHA has a history of elevating the profession of dental hygienists and holding licensed hygienists to high standards. In the early 1940s, the ADHA recommended 2 years of post-high school training for all licensed hygienists. Between 1935-1940, a high school diploma and two years of training became mandatory for all registered dental hygienists.

During the 1940s, the American public became increasingly aware of their oral health. Dental professionals worked to educate Americans about the hazards of dental disease, and patients began to take more interest in protecting their teeth. 

Infographic about ADHA's role since 1923, aligning with Kwikly's dedication as a dental job agency in enhancing dental employment.

The 1950s-1960s: Rising Standards And The Role Of Civil Rights In The USA

Women have always served an important function in the world of dental hygiene. In fact, the first male dental hygienist didn’t graduate until 1965. When Jack Orio completed his training at the University of New Mexico, the ADA changed its bylaws to ensure male hygienists would receive fair treatment in the industry. In addition, the Civil Rights movement brought new equality standards to the world of dental hygiene.

The first national board exam for dental hygienists was given in 1962. In 1967, the ADHA began recommending continuing education for hygienists. As the role of assistants and hygienists became more complex, the knowledge and training expected of them continued to rise.

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The 1970s-1990s: Increasing Responsibilities For Dental Professionals

Throughout the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, dental professionals took on increasingly complex roles. Dental tools became more advanced, dental professionals’ uniforms became more functional, and exams became more practical. During the AIDs crisis, dental professionals began to meet higher sanitation and personal protection standards. The 1990s saw a notable increase in dental professionals’ responsibilities, like performing ultrasonic and aesthetic treatments. 

The World Of Dental Employment In The New Millennium 

With the dawn of the new millennium, the world of dental employment became increasingly high-tech.  Computers began to replace paper charts and appointment books, and imaging and cleaning tools advanced significantly. Another significant change has been the demand for dental treatments. As recently as the 1950s, most Americans didn’t receive routine dental care regularly. However, by the early 2000s, around two-thirds of all Americans were getting regular care. 

Why Is It So Hard To Find High-Quality Temp Dental Hygienists And Dental Assistants Today In The USA?

Many factors are driving the current shortage of dental professionals. One of these is an aging population with increasing dental care needs. Between 2010 and 2020, the number of Americans over 65 rose by over 38%. A shortage of training programs to meet rising demand has compounded the staffing problems many clinics are facing today. Furthermore, the lack of available and affordable childcare has only gotten worse in recent years. This can mean that more full-time dental professionals are calling out of work more often.

Other factors that contribute to staffing shortages include high burnout rates and retention challenges. The physical and mental demands of dental professionals’ work cause some of them to leave the field. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic prompted many dental professionals to leave their jobs or retire earlier than they had planned. If you are struggling with finding staff for your clinic, here is how you can Find Temporary Staff Seamlessly With Kwikly.

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Why More Dental Professionals Prefer To Work With A Temping Agency Like Kwikly

In addition, the rise of the gig economy has led many professionals into temping as temp dental hygienists and assistants. As a result, Kwikly – now renown as one of the best temporary agencies – developed an innovative dental express staffing system and rose to the forefront of the temping agency industry. This is because professionals realised that working with a temping agency had many more benefits in comparison to full-time employment. Furthermore, after the COVID-19 pandemic, many temp dental assistants and temp dental hygienists discovered that working with a temping agency like Kwikly garnered them benefits such as flexibility, a more diverse professional experience, and a broader professional network. 

A Temping Agency Is A Win-Win For Your Clinic, Dental Professionals, and Your Patients

This shift doesn’t have to present a challenge for your dental clinic – in fact, it can create a win-win scenario for both clinics and dental professionals. When you work with one of the best temporary agencies such as Kwikly, you can boost your clinic’s efficiency and profitability without sacrificing your patient experience. Read our post on Temp Dental Staffing Agency Partnerships: What Your Office Gains to learn more.

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