A calendar showing a canceled dental appointment, highlighting the pain points of dental offices and how Kwikly can help.

Minimizing The Impact Of Patient Cancellations With The Right Dental Temp Agency

When your patients cancel their dental appointments, everyone involved feels the impact. Your patients experience delays in their care, which can lead to oral health complications. Your practice also misses out on anticipated revenue and operates less efficiently. Among the dental offices who partner with Kwikly, 54% report that patient cancellations are a top concern for their practice. As inflation rises, costs are going up for providers and patients alike. Running an efficient dental office is key to keeping those costs manageable – and with the right dental temp agency on your side, you can achieve that goal.

Kwikly is a dental temp agency that connects dental professionals across the USA with offices that need their help. Using Kwikly’s convenient cloud-based platform, you can post dental assistant jobs, dental receptionist jobs, dental hygienist jobs, and more. Whether you need to fill a temporary staffing gap right away, or add a long-term member to your team, Kwikly can help. We connect you with high-quality dental professionals more seamlessly than any other agency. In this article, you’ll learn more about how Kwikly can help your office minimize the harmful impact of patient cancellations.

Infographic about dental office financial and efficiency losses due to patient cancellations, and patient oral health complications.

How Patient Cancellations Can Create Problems For Your Patients And Your Dental Office

Patients cancel appointments for a variety of reasons—some of which are unavoidable. A few common reasons include:

  • Forgetting their appointments
  • Being unable to get time off work or arrange childcare
  • Experiencing transportation issues
  • Feeling scared to visit the dentist
  • Having trouble affording dental care
  • Failing to understand the importance of dental care

But these cancellations lead to a wide variety of negative side effects. Let’s consider just a few of them.

List of negative results from patient cancellations, alongside a digital calendar and mobile app for booking dental appointments.

Canceled appointments mean financial losses for your office

When your patients don’t show up for their appointments, you lose revenue. In a recent survey, 38% of Kwikly’s partner offices reported that inflation is one of their top challenges. When your operational budget is tight, even a few missed appointments can have an impact.

Appointment cancellations cause a variety of negative patient experiences

For every patient who canceled their appointment, there’s another patient who could have been seen in that time slot. A high rate of appointment cancellations creates a growing pile-up of patients waiting for the next available appointment. The longer your patients have to wait to be seen, the more complicated their treatment is likely to be when they do access care. Of course, long waits for appointments also create frustration for your patients and harm your reputation.

Furthermore, many patients want the option to choose from several appointment time slots, as most dental front desk employees know. The more patient cancellations you have, the more rescheduling you’ll have to do, and your future scheduling options will become more limited.

Canceled appointments lead to underutilization of your current staff

In many cases, patient cancellations result in dental staff having to stand around idle during their shifts. This means your office is operating with reduced efficiency. It can also lead to frustration for your staff. If patient cancellations create pressure for your staff members to leave work early, your team can experience negative financial repercussions. This is why you need a dental temp agency, and why settle for less, when you can have the best in the USA – Kwikly.

Minimize The Negative Impact Of Patient Cancellations With Kwikly: A Leading USA Dental Temp Agency

It’s impossible for any office to completely eliminate patient cancellations. However, with the right dental temp agency, you can reduce the impact these cancellations have on your patients and your practice. These are just a few of the ways Kwikly can help.

List of benefits of using the best USA dental temp agency - Kwikly - to manage staffing amidst patient cancellations.

Kwikly Gives You The Flexibility To Scale Up When Your Staffing Needs Increase

When a crisis arises, you need extra staffing right away. However, it might not make sense to hire another full time team member at your office. With Kwikly, a leading dental temp agency in the USA, you can post shifts with just a few clicks and meet your new temporary team member the very next day, or even the same day. Kwikly thoroughly vets all temporary dental professionals, ensuring they’re prepared to seamlessly onboard when you need it most.

Kwikly Makes It Easy To Scale Down Your Office Staff When It Makes Sense To Do So

When your dental office is experiencing a slow season, you might end up with staff members standing around with no patients to care for. It may not make sense to reduce the number of permanent staff members on your team, since another busy season is just around the corner. However, working with a dental temp agency like Kwikly gives you the option to scale down during a slump without making changes to your permanent team. With Kwikly, you can make staffing decisions on a daily or weekly basis to increase your operational efficiency.

How The Best USA Dental Temp Agency Can Prevent Appointment Cancellations When One Of Your Team Members Misses Work

Not all appointment cancellations originate on the patient’s end. When one of your regular team members has to miss work, their absence could force you to cancel or reschedule their patients’ appointments. If you work with a traditional dental temp agency, you may not find a temporary team member fast enough to save the day. But with Kwikly, you can keep more appointments on the book – even on short notice. This is because we provide all the support that you would find with a traditional dental temp agency but also much more, such as our efficient and easy to use temp app.

Kwikly Helps Boost Office Morale By Reducing The Stress In Everyone’s Workday

Patient cancellations often result in rescheduled appointments that are squeezed into already busy days. When your office is overworked and overcrowded, the atmosphere can be tough on staff morale. Likewise, when your regular staff doesn’t have enough work to do, they may worry about their job security or feel that their time is being wasted. Kwikly helps you achieve the right staffing level every day, so your workdays are busy but not frantic.

Kwikly: A USA Dental Temp Agency That Cushions The Impact Of Patient Cancellations

As the best dental temping agency in the USA, Kwikly is ready to connect you with high-quality professionals looking for temporary dentist office jobs. Sign up for an account or schedule a call today to get started!