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Mitigate Rising Operating Costs With Flexible, Temporary Staffing

With inflation, labor costs, and frequent staffing shortages on the rise, it can be hard to run a successful dental practice today. If your practice doesn’t maintain enough profitability, your patients and team members may be negatively impacted. One way to meet the challenge of increased operating costs is to work with a dentist temping agency. Of course, you could just open your search engine and search for “dental staffing agency near me.” But local dental staffing companies may not help you achieve your financial goals. In fact, they may take advantage of practices that experience these challenges. On the other hand, Kwikly supports your success with expert professionals, tools and support to help your permanent staff operate at their best.

As The USA’s Pioneering Dental Staffing Company, Kwikly Can Meet Your Needs

Kwikly’s innovative cloud-based platform connects you with vetted professionals, dedicated service, and easy-to-use technology to solve staffing challenges. Kwikly helps to make real-time connections between dental offices all over the USA, and dental professionals who are seeking temporary temporary dental jobs. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to post temporary dental jobs and fill shifts faster than ever before. Kwikly, as one of the leading dental staffing companies in the USA, makes it easy to find temporary fill ins for a sudden staffing shortage, but we can also help you find the right permanent team member when the time comes. We foster personalized connections with dental professionals who will help your office thrive. There are plenty of dental staffing companies out there, but none of them offer the same value proposition as Kwikly: flexible, temporary fill ins without sacrificing your quality of care, with support and technology that reduce the workload on your practice staff. In this article, we’ll explore the rising operating costs so many dental offices are facing today. We’ll also show you how Kwikly can help you rise to the challenge.

Kwikly, USA's leading dental staffing company offers flexible, temporary staffing in real-time all over the USA using tech.

Rising Operating Costs In The USA And Your Dental Practice

As the USA’s best dental staffing company, we want to understand your pain points and help you. We identified rising operating costs as one of your biggest pain points among the top three challenges facing dental practices today. While the economic factors behind this trend are complex, these are a few notable reasons.

Insurance reimbursement levels are not keeping pace with inflation

The cost of everything at your dental office is on the rise. From supplies to building costs to utilities, you’re probably seeing the impact of inflation on your bottom line. Unfortunately, insurance reimbursements are not rising in proportion with your operating costs.

Having gaps in your appointment schedule makes it hard to operate efficiently

Scheduling gaps can happen for a number of reasons. Sometimes, patients cancel their appointments due to trouble affording dental care or conflicts with other responsibilities. However, staffing shortages can also cause scheduling gaps. When you don’t have the staff needed for a patient appointment, your treatment rooms and equipment sit empty during a time slot that could have been filled. Staffing shortages have reduced capacity at the average dental office by about 10%, and this trend makes it harder to keep up with the effects of inflation.

Staffing costs are rising due to infaltion and staffing shortages in the USA

Many dental practices are seeing a sharp increase in the cost of wages and employee benefits. Due to the current shortage of dental professionals, it may be necessary to substantially raise wages and offer more competitive benefits. This helps to minimize attrition among full time team members. Of course, your staff members’ wages also need to rise along with inflation — but if your insurance reimbursements are lagging, you’ll be left with a budgeting problem. 

How Dental Staffing Companies In The USA Can Help Your Practice Mitigate Rising Operating Costs

There’s little you can do about inflation or staffing shortages as a dental office manager. However, Kwikly can help you offset your rising operating costs by increasing operational efficiency and decreasing your staffing costs. Here are a few reasons why Kwikly is the best dental staffing company for practices with tight budgets.

Why rising operating costs are among the top 3 dental practice challenges. There is a graph to the side representing costs.

Dental staffing companies give you the flexiblity to hire only the permanent staff members you really need

It’s hard to assemble a team of permanent dental professionals that’s exactly the right size and responds to fluctuations in patient demand. In order to meet demand during busy seasons, a dental office will typically need extra hands on deck. During these times, some dental office managers hire additional full-time staff. But on slow days or during slow months, they might find their office is overstaffed. Paying employees to stand around is bad for a practice’s bottom line, while sending them home early can be bad for morale. This is where dental staffing companies step in.

Kwikly gives you the flexibility to maintain a core team of permanent dental professionals, while also filling in staffing gaps with temporary dental jobs as needed. When you post a shift on Kwikly, you can solve a staffing dilemma before it happens — or even on the same day. 


Kwikly can save the day when one of your permanent team members has to be absent

When one of your team members has to miss work on short notice, it can be hard to find a replacement on time. However, if you don’t, you may have to cancel patient appointments. This leads to missed revenue, patient dissatisfaction, and the need to reschedule appointments for a later date — which can throw off your staffing calendar in the future. On average, dental staffing companies such as Kwikly can save $600 per shift for your office’s bottom line. Here’s how we minimize the impact of patient cancellations.

Kwikly lets you control staffing costs without compromising on your standard of care

When you work with many dental staffing companies, you may not always find temporary fill ins who are a good fit for your office. When you bring a temporary fill ins on board to fill a staffing shortage, quality matters. Someone who’s unprepared to jump in and begin work at your practice can make it hard to operate efficiently. Unfortunately, some temporary dental professionals also lack the skills or temperament for excellent patient care. However, at Kwikly, we carefully vet every professional who uses our platform for temporary dental jobs. We also provide the support they need to seamlessly integrate into your team.

3 cost-effective benefits for dental practices that partner with Kwikly's in the USA, such as saving $600 per shift with an absentee.

Meet Kwikly: The Perfect Dentist Temp Agency In The USA For Offices With Rising Operating Costs

Why is Kwikly one of the top dental staffing companies in the USA? We combine the quality of a brick-and-mortar dentist temping agency with the speed and simplicity of an online staffing platform. Dental staffing doesn’t have to be a headache. With the right dentist temping agency, you can find high-quality professionals when you need them most. Sign up for an account or schedule a call today to get started!